"Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA - February 26, 2012: The Jimmy John's location on University in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Jimmy John's is a chain of sandwich shops founded in 1983 by Jimmy John Liautaud with over 1000 locations in the U.S.A."
The Hack That Will Get You More Bread At Jimmy John's
By Chase Shustack
Originally founded in 1983 as a cold-cuts sandwich shop, Jimmy John's is a name that's becoming increasingly more recognizable in the world of fast-food sandwiches. Should you ever find yourself at a Jimmy John's, there's one trick you need to remember if you want to order more bread on your sandwich.
According to Restaurant Clicks, Jimmy John's follows the practice of "hollowing out" their bread, or cutting the baguette lengthwise and tearing out the interior to make a "trench," before adding the meats, cheeses, and vegetables. If you want to skip this step, you can order the sandwich to be "LBI," which means "leave bread in" and tells employees to skip over the hollowing process.
Jimmy John’s hollows out their sandwiches because it lowers the calorie count and allows for more toppings to be put into the sandwich. Rather than just laying the toppings along the bread, employees can fill the "trench" in each loaf of bread, which also helps to keep the fillings from sliding out and making a mess.