Flying in air fresh raw whole and cracked pistachios  isolated on white background.
The Hack For Opening Pistachios Was In Front Of Us The Entire Time
By Chase Shustack
Before attempting to open another pistachio nut with your teeth, fork, or long fingernails, look at your pile of empty pistachio shells for an easier opening gadget.
If your pistachio shell has that tiny sliver that's big enough to jam something in there and lever it open, simply take an empty shell and slide one end into the crack.
Then, twist the spare shell to pry open the whole shell. It's recommended that this spare shell isn't cracked or damaged, as it will break if you try to press down on it.
However, if finding the right shell as an opener becomes elusive, you can also turn to your meat tenderizer or frying pan and whack your nuts open.
There are also many different types of tools and devices on the market that promise to be efficient and easy to use to open even the trickiest pistachios.