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The Hack For Ending Up With A Better Smelling Fridge
By Nicole Rivas
All refrigerated food that is left unused will eventually spoil and rot, so dealing with lingering odors is just one of many refrigerator tips that you need to have in your arsenal. Here are the best ways to eliminate bad fridge smells for good.
Baking soda is known for controlling odors, but coffee grounds and activated charcoal are great alternatives. Cooks Illustrated recently tested the deodorizing effects of baking soda against activated charcoal, and activated charcoal was more effective due to its pure carbon makeup and porousness.
Be sure to check your fridge’s drip pan which is at the bottom of the fridge and collects liquids, condensation, and food scents. If you're still getting a whiff of funk after cleaning out your drip pan, it may be time to give your fridge a good cleaning by emptying the refrigerator, turning the appliance off, and using warm water and a cleaning solution to remove leftover food and odors.