Grilled cheese sandwiches on gray background
The Grilled Cheese Air Fryer Hack Professional Chefs Swear By
By Arianna Endicott
A grilled cheese sandwich can be a great choice if you're craving a simple and savory lunch, and if you want to make a grilled cheese that’s healthier and cooks faster, turn to your air fryer. In an interview with Insider, U.K.-based chef Aefa Mulholland shared her favorite air fryer recipes, including grilled cheese.
Chef Mulholland explained that her go-to grilled cheese sandwich recipe combines apple slices, brie, and cranberry sauce on bread. She notes that this quick and easy lunch can easily fit inside an air fryer, but if you're making multiple sandwiches at once, she advises slicing them in half and arranging them to fit better.
To cook the grilled cheese, she allows the sandwich to fry at a low temperature for three to five minutes, allowing the cheese to start melting. Then, she turns up the temperature for another few minutes, which gets the bread extra crispy.
Reader's Digest states that ultra-cheesy foods could melt, drip, and make the fryer messy, but there are ways to minimize the messes. You can stick a toothpick in each sandwich to keep the bread slices and cheese together so that the bread doesn't slide off, or use air fryer liners that cover the air fryer basket and catch a majority of the messes produced by the melty cheese.