Various vegetables on a barbecue grill
The Grill Grate Hack To Get The Most Out Of Grilled Vegetables
By Haldan Kirsch
Like anything else cooked on the grill, vegetables can stick and burn onto your grill grates, which can be avoided by greasing your grill with oil before adding vegetables.
Doing so will help the vegetables pull away easily when it's time to flip and allows you to avoid flare-ups from oil dripping off the vegetables themselves.
Start by cleaning your grill, which will prevent any stuck-on food from burning, smoking, and ruining the vegetables' flavor. It also makes a clean surface for the oil to stick to.
Select an oil with a high smoking point, such as a peanut or corn oil. Add the oil to a hot grill by coating a paper towel with it and using your tongs to wipe down the grates.
Instead of rubbing the neutral oil on the grates, you can also use fat from pork fatback, bacon, or an onion dipped in oil to add more flavor to your grilled vegetables.