heap of grated mozzarella cheese in wooden bowl . top view
The Gordon Ramsay Trick That Makes Grating Mozzarella Much Easier
By Mikala Lugen
Grating cheese can be an annoying task, especially if you are using fresh mozzarella. It can be difficult and downright dangerous because of its soft and moist texture, but thankfully, chef Gordon Ramsay has a trick that makes this process much easier.
In a video posted by Wired on YouTube titled "Gordon Ramsay Answers Cooking Questions From Twitter," the globally-recognized chef explains how you must make your mozzarella firm before trying to grate it. He suggests putting the cheese in the freezer for 10 minutes before you grate it, and to switch between sides of the cheese to prevent it from breaking apart.
According to Martha Stewart, the same freezing method can be applied to other softer cheeses, like young gouda, feta, brie, ricotta, and gorgonzola. Stewart also suggests putting the cheese in the freezer for 30 minutes for an even firmer cheese; just be sure to check on it periodically to prevent a solid block of cheese.