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The Gluten-Free Flour That Is Somehow Still Made Of Wheat
By Garth Clingingsmith
Although there are 13 widely accessible alternatives to wheat flour, such as white rice, chickpea, coconut flour, or the popular almond flour, it is difficult to replace wheat since it helps bread rise and keep moisture. Fortunately, a new flour blend that makes bread rise and has the feel of wheat flour is receiving plaudits on Reddit's r/glutenfree forum
When grain is ground into whole-grain flour, gluten is pulled from the grain and used as a dough strengthener, or to make seitan, a protein-rich meat-free substitute. In the case of wheat starch, the starch is dissolved into water, then that slurry is dried and the end result is a super fine powder that looks exactly like cornstarch.
While wheat starch should be free of wheat's proteins, including gluten, there may be a trace amount remaining, but the FDA allows up to 20 parts per million of gluten to still be labeled gluten-free. The popular Caputo Fioreglut uses wheat starch as a main component of the gluten-free flour blend and is available on Amazon.