sugar cubes falling, high speed photography
The Gentle Sugar Cube Trick To Clean Your Favorite Pans
By Chase Shustack
Cleaning out your pots and pans should, in theory, be a simple task; but not all stains are created equal and some seem to stick to surfaces no matter how many times you wash them.
Fortunately, many foods excel at cleaning. Sugar cubes have a grainy and almost abrasive texture that makes them perfect for cleaning tough stains on pots and pans.
Soak the pot or pan in water and then gently work the sugar cubes against the surface in slow circles, and the surface of the cube will remove any burnt or caked-on stains.
Casserole dishes and deep pots will have you going through too many sugar cubes, so save them for smaller stains and use larger, abrasive sponges for larger stains.
You can also combine sugar with cleaning agents such as vinegar, lemons, and baking powder to wash dishes, clean silverware, or remove spots of rust from certain appliances.
By combining sugar, water, and even some liquid dish soap, you can also create a very simple and effective degreasing agent for greasy or oily hands.