Flat lay of meatballs and  tomato sauce on black background.
The Gelatin Trick For The Juiciest Meatballs Imaginable
By Kalea Martin
Any good batch of homemade meatballs needs the proper ingredients to trap moisture and prevent the protein in the meat from tightening. Aside from eggs, milk, and breadcrumbs, the best source for juicy meatballs comes from L.A. Fatty Mart owner and head chef, David Kuo, as he uses gelatin. 
Inspired by xiao long bao and its soupy meat filling, Kuo shares on his Tik Tok that he prepares the meatballs at Fatty Mart with powdered gelatin bloomed (or heated) in hot chicken stock. When solidified, the gelatin mixture evenly distributes throughout the meatball, and it liquidizes when cooked to create pockets of juiciness.
When the animal collagen that makes up gelatin is mixed with chicken stock, it tenderizes the meatballs and traps a flavorful liquid inside for a juicy result. For the best meatballs, use one packet of gelatin bloomed in ½ cup of chicken stock for every 2 pounds of ground meat.