Round pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting on a white plate
The Game-Changing Ingredient That Transforms Store-Bought Icing
By Linda Larsen
Homemade icing has a better flavor and texture than store-bought icing, but it does take a while to make. However, those who don’t have the time or patience to make icing from scratch can transform the taste of their store-bought icing with just a little bit of almond extract.
There are different kinds of almond extract to choose from, including pure almond extract, which is made from a combination of bitter almond oil, alcohol, and water. Natural almond extract, on the other hand, isn’t made from almonds, but a type of cinnamon called cassia bark, and almond flavoring is made from capric/caprylic triglycerides and artificial flavoring.
Stick to pure almond extract if you prefer a more subtle flavor, and add almond flavoring if you’d like more of a punch. Add about 1/2 to one whole teaspoon of your desired almond extract per 2 cups of canned icing to achieve a rich and complex flavor, and remember to add it slowly and carefully.