The Fruit Walmart Has Sold More Of Than Any Other Merchandise
By Crystal Antonace
Adopting a healthy lifestyle is often expensive, so many turn to cost-saving grocers like Walmart to eat healthy on a budget. When shoppers head to Walmart, items with the lowest price tags are sure to be among the most desirable — and out of all the fruits and vegetables Walmart has to offer, there is one affordable fruit people choose more than any other.
Bananas are the most popular item by far among Walmart shoppers, evidenced by the fact that Walmart sold over 1.5 billion pounds of bananas in 2015. Statista calculated the average cost of a banana in 2021 to be $0.62 per pound, yet Walmart sold them for less than $0.20 per pound in the fall of 2022, making them incredibly affordable.
Bananas are so cheap thanks to the Cavendish banana, common to U.S. markets, reproducing asexually by cloning, making it predictable to grow. However, it takes fossil fuels to transport the bananas, so the cheap price does have consequences and isn’t entirely stable.