Homemade Deep Fried Fish Sticks and Fries with Dip
The Frozen Fish Stick Hack That Will Make You A Taco Tuesday Star
By Kelly Douglas
You most likely keep fish sticks around for quick dinners when you don't have time to go all-out in the kitchen, but there is a new, creative hack to use them. One of the best ways to use fish sticks in your everyday meal prep is to incorporate them into fish tacos.
Fish sticks have that crispy outer layer that most people love to eat in fish tacos, and they're made with "white" fish, which has a flaky consistency that works exceptionally well for tacos. If you typically microwave fish sticks, try air-frying them instead, for extra crisp breading in just a few minutes, then top them with your favorite taco fillings.
This hack will make you the star of Taco Tuesday, but if you’re out of frozen fish sticks, throw some leftover chicken in a stand mixer until it's completely shredded for a quick fix. If you don't want your taco shell to get soggy, line it with lettuce before adding your other fillings.