"Jacksonville, Florida, USA - July, 18 2011. The exterior of a Five Guys fast food restaurant."
The Fries Substitution That Will Take Your Five Guys Experience Up A Notch
By Brianna Corley
Although Five Guys makes customers naturally focus on its famous main course — with over 250,000 unlockable burger combos available — avid gourmands never overlook the chain's just-as-beloved crispy, boardwalk-style fries. Five Guys makes its classic fries from Idaho potatoes, but there's a way to make them even better.
If you're a spice fan, you'd be glad to know that Five Guys offers Cajun-seasoned fries as well. There's no difference in quality or price, but the classic fries are only cooked up with salt, whereas the Cajun fries are dosed in garlic, salt, onion, paprika, oregano, white pepper, and red pepper.
Per Brand Eating, the Cajun fries have a lot more salt flavor than the chain's classic variety, and they resemble a more spice-infused batch of the seasoned fries fast food chains like Checkers offer. Additionally, Insider went as far as to report that out of the milkshakes, burgers, and sides they tested at Five Guys, the Cajun-style side was the chain's number one item.