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The Foolproof Cling Film Method For Perfect Poached Eggs Every Time
By Dainius Vaitiekunas
Cooking a poached egg can be tricky — even for professional chefs — because it requires the freshest eggs, a precise water temperature, and the right timing. There are a lot of cooking techniques for executing poached eggs; however, there is one specific kitchen hack that can guarantee a perfectly poached egg every time.
According to chef Jamie Oliver, using simple plastic wrap is a hassle-free way to master poach eggs. Instead of playing with the egg whites in the pan, try pouring your eggs into an oiled plastic wrap. This is best done over a small ramekin: place the plastic wrap inside, carefully pop the egg in, and tie a knot to seal it (make sure there's enough wrap left at all ends).
Next, bring the water to a simmer and put all the eggs in at the same time — in about three minutes you'll have perfectly poached eggs ready to be nestled on top of your favorite bun. You'll notice little ridges at the top where you tied your knot, but that's a small pitfall for the time you just saved! Best of all, you can do this with eggs that aren't quite fresh.