A bottle of orange blossom water next to a hald cut orange.
The Floral Ingredient That Can Substitute For Rose Water In Any Cocktail
By John Segura
Rose water is an ingredient that makes its presence known in cocktails, but it's an addition that is either welcomed wholeheartedly or despised.
Orange blossom water tends to be a bit more universal and can substitute rose water, as it complements similar ingredients, including nuts, spices, and fruits.
Pairing citrus-related elements with spirits like tequila, gin, and rum is a reasonably standard coupling, so its addition shouldn't take anyone by surprise.
You can also include orange blossom water in cocktails that rose water wouldn't work in, like an old fashioned or a sidecar.
However, it's important to remember that orange blossom water is comparable in strength to its rosey counterpart, so it's best to use it gingerly.