A breakfast of Oysters on the beach
The Flavor Difference Between Pacific And Atlantic Oysters
By Angel Albring
While all oysters may have similar texture, appearance, and nutritional content, their flavors can vary due to the body of water they come from and absorb. If you don’t use the correct type of oyster, it can impact the recipe of a dish significantly.
Atlantic oysters are known for their savory, very salty taste, while Pacific oysters often taste slightly sweeter than their Atlantic counterparts. Pacific oysters also have a stronger, more pronounced minerality (or ocean-like flavor) due to the colder waters in which they are found.
There are many types of Pacific oysters, so it’s important to know which flavor profile you are yearning for before choosing one, and it all comes down to preference. For example, the Sydney Rock oyster is rich and creamy with mineral flavor, whereas the Belon oyster has a strong seaweed flavor with hazelnut notes.