Bobby Flay, of Beat Bobby Flay on Food Network
The First Step Bobby Flay Goes By For A Foolproof Dinner Party
By Elizabeth Thorn
Renowned chef and restauranteur Bobby Flay swears by one key component to ensure that every dinner party he hosts is a resounding success: a well-chosen theme.
Flay advises starting with the cornerstone of a particular cuisine that ties in with your theme, then building out from there.
Flay says, "I don't just think, 'I'm going to do a chicken dish,' I think, 'I want to make an Argentinean meal.'"
Create a menu and atmosphere accentuating a dish's unique flavors and style. With the theme in mind, you can also craft the perfect wine or drinks menu and decor.
Theme inspirations can be based on something your guests enjoy. If they love to travel, choose food from a specific region, or celebrate unique occasions or holidays.
Flay also suggests keeping table decor simple. "Just go white because the food is what's going to look pretty," he says.
Remember to turn on the music to set the mood. Consider checking out pre-made playlists on Spotify, or take the time to make your own themed playlist.