PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 17: A 'Sorry we are closed' sign is seen on a restaurant window on March 17, 2020 in Annecy, France. Coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread to over 156 countries in a matter of weeks, claiming over 6,500 lives and infecting over 170,000. In order to combat the outbreak, and during a televised speech dedicated to the coronavirus crisis on March 16, French President, Emmanuel Macron announced that France starts a nationwide lockdown on March 17 at noon. (Photo by Richard Bord/Getty Images)
The Financial Reason So Many Restaurants Are Closed On Mondays
By Stacie Adams
Like any business, restaurants have busier and slower times of the year, depending on the weather or because of holidays like Thanksgiving. Mondays and Tuesdays can be slower for restaurants because of guests trying to save money, which forces restaurant owners to make strategic decisions about being closed early in the week.
For small businesses, opening on Mondays would likely bring in some customers, but there might not be enough of them to offset operating costs since diners come in mostly from Thursday through Sunday. As a result, many owners opt to close on slower days of the week to keep their budgets balanced and their bottom lines healthy.
Additionally, closing on Monday is beneficial for establishments with fewer staff members. Monday closure gives the team a break and ensures they report to work Tuesday fully prepared to serve customers to the best of their ability, ensuring that diners receive an unforgettable experience.