2/20/13 - photo by Harold Hoch - BC Schlegel scrapple making - Homemade scrapple was being prepared by Kenneth Schlegel and family members in the old summer house at the family's farm in Richmond Township. The final product was placed in seven pound pans. (Photo By Harold Hoch/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)
The Festival Devoted Almost Exclusively To Scrapple
By Nico Danilovich
Scrapple is a traditional Mid-Atlantic pork snack made with pig meat including organs like the heart, head, and liver, as well as minced bones, cornmeal, and flour. It is spiced and cooked into a loaf, but there are different ways to make it and a variety of ways to use it.
The Los Angeles Times says scrapple began in the 1600s as a peasant tradition, where people would make sure that nothing went to waste. It became so popular that centuries later there is a festival in Bridgeville, Delaware, called the Apple Scrapple, held every October.
The event celebrates both scrapple and apples, which grow a lot in the area. The festival features everything from carnival rides to entertainment and has grown from an event garnering a couple of thousand people to a convention that attracts tens of thousands, who line up to try apple dumplings and scrapple sandwiches.