A glowing McDonald's sign in the night sky.
The Failed McDonald's Sandwich That Came With Free Steak Knives
By Chase Shustack
McDonald's maintains its standing as a fast-food powerhouse, but for every Golden Arches success and milestone, there had to be some failures. Although you've probably heard of certain scrapped menu items like the Arch Deluxe and the McPizza, you may be unfamiliar with McDonald's beefsteak sandwiches from the ‘80s.
The Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich was a long beef patty served on a toasted French roll and topped with slivers of onions and steak sauce, and it was served only after 4 pm. McDonald's also included cutlery with the sandwich, perhaps to showcase that you weren't getting yet another sandwich, but a full-fledged and hearty dinner.
The Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich isn't on the menu anymore, but those who remember it claim that it was very tasty, with one Reddit user calling it "one of my all-time favorite fast food items." The item was discontinued not because of its taste, but because customers didn't want to pay the high price for it and focused on cheaper menu items.