The Essential Tip You Need For Perfectly Fluffy Rice Every Time
By Margaret McCormick
No matter how simple rice seems, things can go awry when you cook it. You can overcook it, undercook it, or it can come out mushy and gummy. Thankfully, all you need to have perfectly fluffy rice hit your plate every time is in your silverware drawer.
As Delish advises, "Use a fork to gently mix and lift rice to make sure that the grains don't stick together.” You can do this in whatever device you use for cooking the rice, but make sure you remove the rice from the heat after 18 minutes of simmering and give it a 10-minute rest before fluffing the rice with a fork.
Rinsing rice under cold water or submerging it in water and draining it can also eliminate the starch on the surface of the grains, thereby keeping them from bonding together as they cook. The prevailing wisdom suggests two parts water to one part rice, but Food Network says one-and-a-half parts water to one part rice is what yields perfectly tender long-grain rice.