Roasted  pork meat roll with herbs and spices on gray stone background
The Elusive Rolled Steak Costco Shoppers Will Pay The Extra Price For
By Elaina Friedman
Steak aficionados rarely introduce the reddish-brown slab of meat from a cow in simple terms; instead, they refer to a steak by its cut. Those looking to impress might seek out a cap of ribeye, a rare cut found in the center of the rib section, and according to a Reddit post, a quality cap of boneless rolled ribeye could be hiding in plain sight at your local Costco.
When Reddit user @lookie4dacookie scooped up a package of boneless ribeye cap steaks from Costco, they weren't aware that the cut is usually "hard to find," which may account for the fact that the shopper paid $41.84 for less than a pound and a half. However, they claimed it was the best steak they've had in a long time, and several other users jumped to agree.
Family-owned Idaho beef supplier Snake River Farms lauds the ribeye cap steak as "the single most delectable and flavorful steak available," adding that it's "highly prized by top chefs, beef aficionados, and butchers alike." Although the cut isn't available at every outpost of Costco, the butchers will usually oblige if you ask them to sell you a ribeye cap.