sponge cake with fruit jam and almond pieces on white plate
The Easy Trick For Making Tarts Without A
Tart Pan
By Mikala Lugen
Tart crusts are usually firmer than pie crusts, as they are meant to be put on display out of the pan, so the crust can actually make or break the entire process. If you’re not making tarts regularly and don’t need to find room for yet another rarely-used pan, you can actually make do with an inverted cake pan.
Instead of rolling out your tart crust on the inside as you would when lining a pie crust in a pan, flip the cake pan upside down and drape it over the outside of it. Hang the crust about halfway down the sides, use toothpicks to help hold it together and make it even, then crimp the edges with a fork or your fingers.
Pie pans are also a decent alternative to make a tart crust, and springform or quiche pans also work well. Many quiche pans have removable bottoms, so you can put the dough inside the pan, but if you find it’s a little deep, add a few extra minutes to your cooking time to ensure your tart filling bakes all the way through.