Kombucha being poured into a glass from a jar placed on a wooden surface
The Easiest Way To Use Up Extra Kombucha Is Salad Dressing
By Kalea Martin
Kombucha certainly has more than one culinary use, and for those who like to make their salad dressing from scratch, kombucha can make for a tasty vinaigrette.
As a fermented drink, kombucha is acidic and has a pH level close to that of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, so it functions the same way as vinegar in a vinaigrette.
Additionally, kombucha tends to have a tart flavor, which makes it a perfect ingredient for vinaigrette and a good substitution for vinegar or lemon juice.
Use a ratio of three parts oil and one part kombucha in your salad dressing. Add more or less kombucha to achieve your desired level of acidity.
Unlike lemon juice or vinegar, kombucha comes in flavors like mint, raspberry, and strawberry, so choose wisely to avoid any potentially clashing or overpowering tastes.