Hand Holding Peeled Banana
The Complicated History of Hamburgers
By Wendy Gould
You can keep your bananas from disintegrating by freezing them in a freezer bag after you’ve peeled them and ensuring that the bag contains no air. However, if you've forgotten to remove the peels before freezing your bananas, don’t worry because there is a way to salvage them.
According to MasterClass, thawing your frozen banana by sitting it on the counter for roughly five minutes makes peeling its skin easier. If you're feeling a tad impatient, you could also opt to microwave your banana in 30-second intervals until it's thawed.
However, if you can't be bothered thoroughly defrosting your banana, LIVESTRONG has the perfect hack for you. Per the outlet, cutting off the banana's ends and slicing along the peel from top to bottom should provide you with a nice start for removing the skin.