Homemade dish - oven baked fish
The Easiest Way To Cook Fish For A Stress-Free Weeknight Meal
By Crystal Antonace
Fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, phosphorus, and magnesium, but prepping a weeknight fish meal can be an endeavor. However, whether you’re choosing to cook up a filet, salmon, cod, or halibut, there is a go-to preparation method that will make your weeknight dinners a little less stressful.
While you can fry, sautée, or roast fish, cooking fish in liquid or poaching may be the most approachable and convenient method, especially if you’re pressed for time. This cooking method is known as en papillote, and you can add your favorite thinly sliced vegetables or cooked grain directly to the enclosed packet to make a simple, all-in-one sheet meal.
To streamline the process, use large sheets of parchment paper cut in a heart shape, meeting one side to the other so you can fold up the edges without parts of your dinner seeping out. It’s recommended to choose fish that doesn’t exceed one inch in thickness and add additions like lemon juice or coconut milk, as well.