MT RAiNIER, MD- January 13: The crabby deviled eggs at Pennyroyal Station restaurant in Mt. Rainier, MD. 2021 (Photo by Scott Suchman/For the Washington Post)
The Dry Ingredient That Will Heat Up Your Deviled Egg Mixture
By Stacie Adams
The mashed egg yolks in a standard deviled egg recipe are mixed with ingredients like mayonnaise, parsley, salt, and mustard powder and topped with paprika. That said, one ingredient makes celebrity chef and television host Alex Guarnaschelli’s deviled egg recipe different from the conventional one.
As revealed in Guarnaschelli’s interview with USFood, she believes that too much heat can actually be a detriment to a dish. That's why she relies on dry ginger as a seasoning for her egg yolks, which she combines with mustard and cayenne pepper.
The chef describes the resulting flavor profile as providing a "little tingle" in contrast to the full-throttle heat associated with spicier seasonings. She finishes the dish off with some bacon as a topping, ‌adding a crunchy texture to balance out the softness of the mashed egg yolks.