A waiter in a vest and bowtie serving two glasses of white wine on a tray
The Drink Ordering Quirk That's A Huge Red Flag For Waiters
By Stacie Adams
Because of the harsh working environment that servers face, restaurant patrons must conduct themselves respectably when visiting dining establishments. Sadly, this is not always the case, as some customers routinely make serious lapses in etiquette, including this behavior that irks servers.
Upon arriving at a table, servers usually ask how you are before getting to the order, and far too many restaurant goers dismiss this polite query by rattling off their drink orders without addressing the question. It takes little effort to be a kind and considerate human, especially when you have the privilege of dining out, so a kind response would be, “I’m good, how about you?” or some variation.
Even the best servers will make mistakes from time to time, but a server’s mistake is not a blanket excuse to act in a rude or hostile manner. Also, don’t let your opinions on tipping culture prevent you from being a decent human being, as tipped employees often receive just $2.13 per hour, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.