A person sprays cooking spray onto a pan.
The DIY Cooking Spray Hack That'll Work Wonders In A Flash
By Ashlyn Frassinelli
With just water, oil, and a mister bottle, you can whip up your own cooking spray for less cost, less waste, and fewer additives than the grocery store version.
You can use any oil variety of your choice and infuse it with flavor — just be sure to strain out any solids.
Thin out the oil with 1 cup of water per 2 tablespoons of oil so it can easily pass through the nozzle of your spray bottle without gunking it up.
You can also add food-grade liquid lecithin to ensure the oil and water emulsify properly, but if you don't, you may have to shake the bottle extra well before each use.
In addition to oil and lecithin, most standard cooking sprays contain anti-foaming agents and propellants, which keep the oil from frothing and help force the oil forward.
By using a spray bottle instead of an aerosol can, you no longer need these additives, and artificial flavors can be reproduced with natural ingredients as well.