Japanese alcohol
The Divine Feminine Myth Behind The Invention Of Sake
By Haldan Kirsch
Before anyone could easily access endless amounts of information with a simple Google search, myths were used to explain natural and cultural phenomena. Even foods and drinks had mythological explanations surrounding their origins, including sake, Japan's most famous alcohol.
According to Atlas Obscura, the story goes that sake was created by the goddess Konohanasakuya-hime, who chewed on a grain of rice and spat it into a jar where it fermented and became the first sake, a gift from the gods. The drink is tied to ancient Shinto myths, being brewed in some shrines and playing a role in many festivals and ceremonies.
While the myth gives a colorful origin for the spirit, the official Japanese Sake website claims that the drink was actually first made in China around the second century B.C.E., and the first mention of sake in Japan came five centuries later as a drink consumed during times of mourning. This drink of the gods has significant cultural value and pairs well with many traditional Japanese foods.