A woman in a bathrobe in front of a body of water
The Dinner Experience That Has Guests Leave Their Clothes At The Door
By Christine Barba
It’s common for formal restaurants to require a dress code, but The Füde Dinner Experience takes it a step further by asking its accepted guests to arrive in their birthday suits.
Charlie Ann Max, who hosts the events, is an artist, model, and activist, and she says on her website that her projects are about "connecting humanity back to our purest selves."
To take part in the dining experience, based in both New York and Los Angeles, diners need to dish out $88, get their application approved by Max, and show up ready to disrobe.
Charlie Ann Max told The New York Times that the events are more often attended by women, and men who apply need someone else to confirm that they won’t be disruptive.
Max became more interested in nudity after she and her good friends decided to chill in their shared living space without clothes, saying, "It just felt so free."
Diners who attend the event can expect to take their clothes off in front of one another, Renaissance-themed decor, and mingling with strangers.
If you're considering attending one of Max's events, she typically invites diners to her place in Los Angeles or the spot she is staying at when she is on the road.