Blackberry syrup on vanilla soft serve.
The Difference Between Soft Serve And Ice Cream Comes Down To Air
By Angel Albring
Soft serve and ice cream are both frozen desserts, but there are a few key differences between them, like the texture and fat content. Soft serve is lighter and creamier, with a lower fat content, while ice cream is richer and denser, with a higher fat content, and the reason behind this is how the two are made, stored, and served.
Soft serve is made by churning air into the ice cream mixture as it freezes, resulting in ice cream being between 30% and 50% air, but soft serve is at least 50% percent air. Soft serve is often served directly from the machine, meaning it stays creamy, but ice cream is usually scooped after it has frozen, making it firmer in texture.
Soft serve has a lower fat content than ice cream because it is made with milk, while ice cream is made with cream, but ice cream is actually lower in calories. Soft serve is also stored and served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream, which gives it its smooth, creamy, light, and airy texture.