A collection of perfectly positioned gin bottles in four rows
The Difference Between Plymouth And London Dry Gin, Explained
By Heather Newman
There are many varieties of gin from around the world, with different botanical blends and flavor notes, but the two most well-known types are London Dry gin and Plymouth gin. Cocktail enthusiasts have probably come across them before, but here’s what separates these two staple classics of the gin world.
The most well-known type of gin is London Dry gin like Beefeater and Tanqueray, and to be considered this type of gin, the botanicals must be infused during the multi-stage distillation process. It cannot have any artificial ingredients or colors and is meant to be all-natural, with juniper forward and center — and it also doesn’t have to be made in London.
Plymouth gin is considered a type of London Dry gin, and while it is made with juniper berries, its flavor is a little softer, lighter, with earthier botanicals compared to London Dry gin brands. The biggest difference, however, is that Plymouth gin only comes from one place: a distillery in Plymouth, England, that has been distilling the spirit since 1793.