Falling apricot isolated on white background, clipping path, full depth of field
The Difference Between Peaches And Apricots
By Brianna Corley
It's easy to mistake an apricot for a peach or vice-versa. The two fruits look similar and they both belong to the Rosaceae family, but all the important similarities end here.
Peaches belong to the Prunus persica species, while the most common type of apricot belongs to Prunus armeniaca. As a result, the two fruits differ in size, texture, and flavor.
A small peach is about four times bigger than an apricot, has fuzzier skin, and is juicy and sweet with high water content. Apricot is smaller, drier, and has a tarter flavor.
They both often appear in cakes and tarts but peaches are typically used in moister baked goods like cobblers, while apricots are better suited for solid, tart treats like scones.
Apricots make desserts tarter and firmer, while peaches make them sweeter and squishier. In some dishes, they're also combined to balance out
each other's water content.