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The Difference Between Cheap Wines And
Value Wines
By Carly Weaver
Most wine shoppers tend to follow the unwritten rule that the more expensive the bottle, the higher the quality of wine it holds. However, while those $4, $5, and $6 bottles on the bottom shelf at your grocery store are undeniably cheap, there are affordably priced bottles, maybe in the $10 to $25 range, that are rated highly and over-deliver based on their price point.
Cheap wine means exactly that. The price comes down to things like vineyard location, barrel material, aging length, harvesting process, and a region’s reputation. Cheap wine is mass-produced and does not offer much quality the same way a value wine does.
To find a bottle of good value, but still on the cheaper side, you should look for bottles from “regions that are just outside the famous regions,” according to CNET. It’s always good to ask experts, and with minimal research, you can find a handful of regions that are cheaper and might have wines similar to the taste profiles you prefer.