Someone grilling meat
The Cut Of Meat Chefs Suggest If You're New To Grilling
By Elias Nash
If you're new to grilling, many chefs recommend honing your skills with a strip steak, also known as New York Strip or Kansas City Strip, since it's friendly to the novice griller.
This cut contains rich deposits of intramuscular fat known as marbling. Fat is one key to tenderness and flavor, and it's hard to go wrong when working with strip steak.
Strip steak is perfect for grilling because it benefits from high heat and a short cooking period, giving it a dark and flavorful crust while maintaining a tender, juicy interior.
Strip steak is considered among the finest cuts, right up there with ribeye and filet mignon. Strip steak and ribeye come from different segments of the same muscle.
The longissimus dorsi runs along the cow's back from the hips to the shoulder blades. Unlike the legs, cuts taken from the cow's back are more tender since they do less work.
Prior to grilling, leave the steak out for 30 minutes to come up to room temperature, then pat it dry with a paper towel. This will help it to cook evenly and develop a nice crust.
Season it simply with salt and pepper, sear each side for 2 to 3 minutes directly over the flames, and check the internal temperature for your desired level of doneness.