Hot dogs with mustard against a white background.
The Crunchy Hot Dog Topping To Double Down On Pork Flavor
By Chase Shustack
Hot dog toppings differ from place to place and person to person, but one that provides extra crunch to a hot dog might initially sound rather unconventional.
Chicharrones are a snack made up of pork skin or pork belly and are usually considered similar to American pork rinds, and they offer your average hot dog a unique taste.
Danny Palumbo of The Takeout reported his amazement at seeing chicharrones on hot dogs, describing the taste as salty and crunchy.
Pork rinds are also described as having a flavor somewhere between fried chicken skin and fatty pork, which would complement the taste of your beef, chicken, or pork hot dog.
You could crush pork rinds onto your hot dog, mix them with your favorite chili, or serve them right alongside it like you would potato chips.