A plate of Patatas bravas in Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
The Crispy Spanish Potato Dish You'll Want To Make In Your Air Fryer, According To Chefs
By Heather Newman
When you think about Spanish food, chances are you envision tapas — small plates of food that are served in cozy bars and patios all across Spain. There are many varieties of tapas, with the most iconic being patatas bravas, a simple dish of fried crispy potato cubes served with a spicy sauce reminiscent of spicy ketchup or chipotle sauce.
The key to the perfect plate of patatas bravas is making sure they are golden brown on all sides with a nice crunch, and you can perfect them at home by using an air fryer. Chef Sean Andrade told Insider that patatas bravas are great for the air fryer because it ensures the patatas bravas have "that soft, creamy inside with great crunch on the outside."
The air fryer is perfect for a crispy result that avoids sogginess because it relies on moving hot air around the whole food. Simply toss your potatoes in some oil, throw them in the air fryer until they're crispy on all sides, and serve them with some spicy brava sauce and a glass of Cava.