Fresh cheeseburger against a stone background
The Crispy, Buttery Cheese That Brings Mushy Burgers To Life
By Chase Shustack
When making a good cheeseburger, a question arises: What kind of cheese should you use? It's hard to say which should be the metaphorical "big cheese" on your cheeseburger, but there's one cheese you probably never heard of to try — one that is crispy and soft all at once, provided you prepare it right.
Comté cheese, similar to Parmesan with a sharp yet buttery flavor, excels at being baked into thin crispy wafers. Shred — or purchase pre-shredded — Comte cheese, sprinkle it onto a baking sheet into small mounds, bake it for 12 minutes at 350 degrees until it has melted, and blot off any excess oil.
Comté cheese crisps can be placed on your burger for a rich cheese flavor you expect in a cheeseburger without any overwhelming "mushiness." Make sure the crisps become golden brown while the interior remains soft and melted, which will provide your burger with a hot melted center alongside that delicious golden crunch.