Anne Burrell smiling with leopard print jacket
The Cracker Brand Anne Burrell Can't Go Without
By Kelly Douglas
Food Network star Anne Burrell has never been shy about expressing her opinions about food — but some are more surprising than others. In fact, her favorite cracker is so commonplace that some of us have spent a lifetime eating it.
When it comes to Burrell’s favorite cracker, she is especially fond of Triscuits. If you just taste salt every time you eat them and wonder why any chef would enjoy a cracker with a less complex flavor profile, you may feel relieved that Burrell prefers her Triscuits with hummus or cheese.
Anne Burrell always keeps hummus or cheese around to pair it with her favorite cracker and satisfy her snack cravings, but Triscuits aren't the only type of cracker she enjoys either. Burrell says she has "a ton of different crackers at home," (per Food & Wine), and with all of the nostalgia wrapped up in Triscuits, it's no surprise that they rank high on the chef's list.