Platter of buttermilk biscuits with a bowl of gravy
The Cracker Barrel Ordering Trick If You Want Your Bread ASAP
By Chase Shustack
Cracker Barrel offers complimentary biscuits and muffins prior to serving entrées, which can sometimes arrive too late. To get them at your table faster, simply ask your server.
Cracker Barrel, which prides itself on being hospitable to its customers, states that it's appropriate to ask for your bread to be served before your meal is brought out.
You can even ask for what kind of bread you have in mind, so you don't have to feel embarrassed saying you'd prefer corn muffins over biscuits and vice-versa.
If your server is too busy to bring the bread out as quickly as you’d like, just be polite and patient. You’ll be enjoying your biscuits in no time.
If you finish your bread before your meal arrives, feel free to ask for another basket. Your server will likely be more than willing to bring another one out.
It's important to remember that Cracker Barrel is trying to conserve its complimentary goods like any other operating business, so expect to see less bread in the second basket.