Close up/ abstract shot of milk mixing into coffee from above.
The Country That's Considered The Coffee Capital Of The World
By Elizabeth Pak
You may be surprised that the world's coffee capital isn't the largest country on the map, nor does it even produce coffee beans. From its rich history and customs to the quality of the coffee itself, there's a reason that Finland is known as a coffee hotspot.
The Finnish drink a considerable amount of coffee, with an average of 8-9 cups consumed daily and some locals drinking up to 30 cups per day. The cold temperatures in Finland may be part of the reason, but Finnish people love coffee year-round and can be found sipping on iced coffee during their short, hot summers.
Drinking coffee is an integral part of Finnish culture, as it's consumed all hours of the day and at every meal. It's bad manners to turn down a cup of coffee or not to offer someone a cup when they're visiting — meaning that coffee is, without a doubt, Finland's love language.
Finland's history with coffee dates back to before it gained its independence from Russia when people in the country drank coffee instead of Russia's preferred hot drink of tea as a form of rebellion and a display of Western thought. The soft tap water in the country allows for great-tasting, lightly brewed coffee that doesn't require dark coffee beans.