Costco store entrance
The Costco Shortcut For Cheaper Restaurant Outings
By Stacie Adams
Shopping at Costco is all about savings, as the wildly successful wholesale retailer offers members the opportunity to purchase items in bulk, which results in lower pricing than when buying the same items individually. Shoppers may also be surprised to learn that shopping at Costco can also result in savings when visiting certain restaurants.
In Costco’s gift card aisle, shoppers will find a variety of gift cards from restaurants including Smashburger, Papa Johns, and IHOP, and they can often find discounted two-packs. For example, it’s not uncommon to find a pack of two with a value of $100 going for just $80, which equates to $20 in savings.
The least expensive items in Costco that offer the biggest savings are located in the center of the store, while the more expensive, yet enticing, products are placed in the front. Shoppers on a budget should head to the middle of the store and bypass these more expensive displays if they want to maximize savings.