Christmas still life background with traditionelle Christstollen , copper mugs with red candles decoration, gingerbread men , Christmas tree and hanging paper  stars with bokeh light on dark table. Front view.
The Costco Produce That Easily Doubles As Holiday Table Decoration
By Nick Johnson
With the holiday season fast encroaching, you might be tempted to buy the standard plastic trinkets for decorations as they are easy to store in your basement and throw up when the time is right. However, if you happen to be shopping at Costco, you can purchase a certain exotic fruit that will make the perfect table topper and add a unique touch to your holiday decor.
With their spherical shape reminiscent of a Christmas ornament, Costco's Pom Wonderful brand pomegranates can serve as an excellent and delicious holiday decoration. The bright red nubbins that make up the edible interior of the pomegranate, also called arils, can be utilized to enhance the existing decor.
For example, the arils can be arranged around a candle, where the reflected flame would make them look like twinkling Christmas lights. However, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, pomegranates also have a bluish husk which is one of the colors that is most often associated with Hanukkah.