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The Costco Muffin Birthday Cake Hack That Left Instagram Speechless
By Stacie Adams
With their large size and remarkable density, Costco muffins have made a name for themselves as a delicious baked treat. While you can enjoy the pleasing texture of a blueberry muffin or the flavor combination of an almond-poppy muffin on their own, one Instagram user found a much different use for these baked goods.
According to @neuroticmom's video on Instagram, harried moms and dads make an easy smash cake out of two Costco muffins. Served to young children at birthday parties, smash cakes are designed for the sole purpose of being destroyed, and guests can enjoy a different cake while watching the spectacle of the kids having some messy fun.
Start by cutting the tops off each muffin to ensure an even surface, then place one muffin on the bottom and apply icing and fruit filling. The second muffin goes on top and receives a generous amount of icing and decorations of your choice, resulting in an excellent smash cake for your child to destroy happily.