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The Costco Garlic That Could Be The Best Deal In
The Store
By Andrea Francese
A Reddit user revealed that a Costco employee told her that the minced garlic the store sells is "the best deal" in the entire store. While that may be a bit subjective, the price is indeed pretty low.
Kirkland brand minced garlic comes in a 48-ounce jar and costs just $5.99 in most Costco locations (prices vary depending on location). That's substantially cheaper per ounce than most minced garlic offerings.
According to The Pricer, shoppers at an average store can expect to pay between $7-11 for a 16-ounce jar of minced garlic, making the average price per ounce between 43 and 68 cents. Costco's minced garlic is priced at an unbelievable 12 cents per ounce.