WASHINGTON, DC-July 20: The pork tenderloin with chipotle peach preserve at Macon Bistro & Larder  in Northwest Washington, DC. (Photo by Scott Suchman/For the Washington Post)
The Cooking Tip You Need For Restaurant Quality Pork Tenderloin
By Haldan Kirsch
While pork tenderloin is a fairly easy meat to prepare, its particular cut means that it can dry out very easily. Thankfully, we've got a great method to get a juicy and delicious pork tenderloin every single time.
The best way to make sure your pork tenderloin stays juicy takes two different cooking methods; pan searing and oven roasting. These methods also create a gorgeous brown crust on the outside of the tenderloin and a savory, umami flavor.
It is important to preheat the pan with oil at medium-high heat as a quick sear will lower the chance of drying out the meat. Once you’ve transferred it to a preheated oven set at 450° Fahrenheit be mindful that cooking your pork beyond an internal temperature of 145° will also dry it out.