Spinach on woven bamboo tray called zaru on tatami mats in Kyoto.
The Controversial Pasta Water Hack That Quickly Gives You Cooked Spinach
By Megan Anderson
There’s no shortage of time-saving kitchen hacks on the internet; however, some of these tricks, like the speedy way to cook spinach, have sparked surprising backlash.
A TikTok video shows the user pouring a boiling pot of pasta into a strainer containing spinach, instantly cooking it. They claim it wilts the veggie without creating more dishes.
Some viewers were skeptical, with one even questioning the claim it saves on dishes, and another pointing out that parts of the spinach looked uncooked.
Whether or not people should try the trick seems to come down to personal preference, as many might want the spinach texture and flavors that sautéing brings.