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The Coffee Grinder Mistake That Leads To Acidic Coffee
By David Tran
Coffee is one of the most enjoyed beverages in the United States, consumed in different varieties like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and espressos. However, brewing coffee at home may not always result in the way you want it to, and those who are looking to avoid overly-acidic coffee should pay close attention to their coffee grinder.
Experts agree that the right kind of grinder is the most important part of coffee-making; low-quality blades can leave big pieces of coffee grounds, resulting in watery and acidic coffee. For high-quality blades, you may want to invest in a burr grinder, which can make coffee grounds more refined and results in a less acidic tasting cup of coffee.
Other aspects of the coffee-making process can also affect how acidic your coffee tastes, like the type of beans you’re using. Dark roast coffee beans tend to be less acidic than light roast coffee beans, since roasting at a lower temperature and duration can reduce their acidity and increase their caffeine content.