pile of ruffled potato chips
The Clever Way To Use Leftover Chip Crumbs At The Bottom Of The Bag
By Kelly Douglas
The next time you encounter chip crumbs and don't feel like eating them, try storing them in repurposed seasoning grinders to use as seasoning on your food.
To “hack” your chip crumbs correctly, empty your grinder and make sure to have a good place to store the salt or pepper. The remnants will give your chip crumbs even more flavor.
Next, add your chip crumbs. If necessary, crush them up a bit before adding them to the grinder so that you can maximize the amount of chips you can fit inside.
Other methods of repurposing potato chip crumbs include using them as a “breading” on meat, adding crunch to pasta, topping off a salad, or even adding texture in baked goods.